How long will it take to respond to my online enquiry?

You will be called or emailed on the same day.


How long will it take before I have my first house clean?

Generally within 7 days.


How much do you charge?

Prices start at $100.00 per fortnight.


What area do you service?

We mainly service the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne.


Can I choose the time and day of my clean?

Yes. We aim to fit your clean into your busy schedule. We do ask for a thirty minute 'grace' period on either side of your clean to allow for any unforeseen circumstances that may arise on the day.


Can I expect the same cleaner every time?

Yes, provided you are happy with their work (and they're not under a palm tree on holidays).


Do you have insurance?

Yes we do. Nourish Green Cleaning holds excellent insurance cover for accidental damage to your property.


Are your cleaners insured against injury on our property?

Yes they are. All of our cleaners are employed by us and are covered by WorkCover Insurance.


Do you also use subcontractors?

No we don't. Nourish Green Cleaning does not support sham contracting or other dubious set ups that deprive workers of their right to WorkCover, Superannuation and personal leave.


Do you have long term staff?

Yes we do. All of our staff at the moment (Feb 2019) have been with us for at least 2 years. Our very first employee has just earned her long service leave (Congratulations Lee) and is still with us today.


Are your cleaners vetted?

Yes they are. All applicants are individually interviewed  and reference checked by us. Police checks/working with children clearances may also be requested. All successful applicants are personally trained by us for a one month period before going out and representing our company.


Do you bring your own equipment and products?

Yes we do and they are included in the quote price. All electrical equipment must be tagged and tested regularly in order to be compliant with OH&S and Worksafe standards for safety. Cleaning products are the same. We bring our own because they meet our company standards, do a great job and we know what we're dealing with. We use organic plant based cleaning solutions that are locally made, eucalyptus and other essential oils and steam.


Why cant I book online?

You know how one size is supposed to fit all but it actually doesn't? It's the same for cleaning. We come and write a personalised quote for every new client every time. When you contemplate the scope of our work; copper baths, stone baths, marble tiles, sealed tiles, unsealed tiles, stone benches, wooden benches, stainless steel that actually stains really easily, oiled floors, concrete floors, treasured antiques that must not be touched, personal heirlooms that require dry dusting, dogs that like a cuddle, dogs that must go out, cats that must stay in, lizards that need their light on at all times, cockatoos that like a whistle, kids Lego creations that require a wide berth, front doors that need three jiggles to get in... whew!  A bespoke quote

makes perfect sense.


Do I need to be home when you clean?

No you don't but it's your choice (and your place) so you can be if you want to be.


How do I pay?

All payments are by Electronic Funds Transfer directly into our account. We prefer same day payment after your clean.


How do you access my property?

We prefer you to keep a key safe on your property and give us the code. You can easily change the code if you cease to use our services. Alternately you can give us a key which is kept in a double locked system on our commercial premises. Your keys are given to your cleaner when they arrive at work on the day of your clean. Keys are locked away at the end of the day. All keys are tagged without your identifying address. You can also leave a key out for us on the day of your clean which we can leave inside when we're done.


What about my alarm system?

We are all well trained in using a variety of alarm systems. If you choose not to give us the code and it is accidentally left on we will attempt to call you before your cleaners move on (those things are loud). Your cleaners may be able to return later in the day if access can be provided.


What happens if you can't clean my property?

Sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise and we will have to postpone or cancel your clean. We will contact you to make an alternative arrangement as early as possible.


What happens if I want to cancel a clean?

We ask for one weeks notice if you need to cancel your clean, however,  we acknowledge that unforeseen circumstances occur in your world too and sometimes you may have to cancel on the day. 


Can I ask the cleaners to do extra tasks?

Generally no. You will have received a fixed price quote and extra tasks will need to be prearranged. Call us in the week prior to your clean with any requests or queries you may have.


Do you guarantee your work? 

Yes we do but we will expect fairness from you. If you are unhappy with your clean please contact us on the same day of your clean and we will arrange to come out and re clean the areas you are not happy with.  Unfortunately we cannot guarantee your clean when you have house guests. 


What about my pets?

We are all animal lovers. We have clients with quite an array of furry and not furry loved ones including; dogs, cats, mice, guinea pigs, blue tongue lizards, budgies and cockatoos. We adore them all and take your instructions regarding your pets seriously. One of the reasons we choose to come out and meet you before we commence cleaning is to acquaint ourselves with your pets and vice versa. All cuddles and chats with them are free of charge and brighten our day.