'Nourish Green Cleaning have been cleaning my house for around 2 years. When I walk into my home after they've cleaned it, I feel as though they've transformed it from a small apartment into a resort. Not only do they nurture every pocket of the house with environmentally friendly products, they somehow find the right place for our mess, making our home feel more manageable and spacious. Their enthusiasm is infectious, and it infuses their work.'
Shelley (Brunswick)

If Scarlett O'Hara had told the truth, she would have said " . . . 'I'll never do the dusting again!' . . . I know that's what I thought!  We both work fulltime, we have pets; we have more space than a weekend would take us to dust.  When we engaged Nourish Green Cleaning, we did it because we needed help and because we support local businesses.  We've had them help us since 2007; they do an excellent job keeping us organised, keeping us neat-and-clean, and providing us prompt, timely, and always dependable service.
Katherine (Coburg)

We have been using Nourish Green cleaning for two years, and absolutely love the feeling of coming home to a spotlessly clean home. It is the little extra touches, like straightening up the cushions and sheets on our bed that really make a difference; it almost feels like we're coming home to a hotel. Using Nourish Green Clean has made life just that little bit easier.
Samantha Everton. Photo Artist (Coburg)

We have been very happy with the cleaning services we've gotten from Nourish Green Cleaning over the past few years.  The cleaning job itself is excellent and, since I have allergies, I appreciate the 'green' cleaning technique.  They've been very reliable and on the few times they've had to change the schedule, they've called us well in advance to arrange another time for service.  We heartily recommend "Nourish Green Cleaning."
Scott (Coburg) 

Words cannot describe the utter pleasure of arriving home to a sparkling house, freshly and expertly cleaned by Nourish green cleaning.

Lili Wilkinson, Fitzroy North

"If you lead a busy life but want a spotlessly clean, fresh smelling house, then I wholeheartedly recommend the guys at Nourish. They have have not let me down once in three years.
Tom Heenan Academic  (Northcote)